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Published on June 24th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Vampirella Vol.3 #4

Vampivol3-04-Cov-A-Zullo“You are a fascinating creature.” – Slade

The reader feels welcome on the very first page as the popular producer is descending the staircase and says: “So glad you could make it.” then we cut to Vampirella and her werewolf boyfriend and she says “Yes, your gratitude definitely seems genuine.” all the while security is searching them and examining her crossbow. A great beginning to an awesome issue.

The Creative Team:

Kate Leth is back at it as she continues this chapter and sharpens her one liner tongue with stinging barbs and sarcastic wit. Slade is dealing with disruptions at her Hollywood party in the way only Slade can. She will dispose of anyone that doesn’t respect her and her household and when I say dispose, I mean dispose. Dare I say it, people are dying to get out of this party. (So sorry, I could not resist.) This issue is definitely the funniest one of this series so far. I love my horror comedy, especially when the humor is so rich. Think Innocent Blood meets The Player. Great horror, humor and insight into the Hollywood film making machine. And we finally get to see Vampirella bite a victim, one who richly deserves it, since Vampi doesn’t usually drink fresh blood but a synthetic man made type of hemoglobin. I have go to get a crossover between Vampirella and my Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter character.

Eman Casallos continues his rich artistic arsenal by bringing us great imagery through shadows and contrast. Any artist that takes on the task of bringing Vampirella into the modern day will have to undergo the unfortunate comparisons to Jose Gonzales. I think Casallos does a great job and brings the characters a modern day sensibility. They feel like they belong in todays world with this creative team and yet fans of the original run (I never read any of the Harris issues so I have nothing to say about them) I believe will enjoy what’s happening in this series.

The Cover:

The cover should draw the reader to this title. We see our favorite alien vampire kneeling on one knee with a brick building behind her. It’s obviously night time and she’s carrying her crossbow. She has a look of determination on her face and she’s looking up at something. Judging from the shadow that’s being cast it’s some kind of demon that’s about to attack her. A good cover that should bring the reader into the thick of what’s happening.

In Conclusion:

Genevieve relates a little tale to Vampirella’s chauffer/butler all around handy man Coleridge about what happened between her and Juliette and why there’s a schism between the two. Gen plans to crash Slades party as she feels that the Hollywood queen is up to no good. Coleridge says he wants to tag along but Gen feels that he’s not up to the task, however Coleridge proves that he can do more than just drive a car. The two hero wannabes show up and are blocked by security. when they finally enter they come face to face with…to be continued.


Vampirella Vol.3 #4

Writer: Kate Leth
Art: Eman Casallos
Colors: Valantina Pinto
Letters: Erica Schultz
Cover: Chrissie Zullo
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication date: June 8, 2016

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About the Author

Kevin Given has studied with "Longridge Writers Group" and "Writer's Boot Camp" a speech/communications major from the University of Maine Presque-Isle/Orono sites. He has created the "Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter" franchise which includes 2 novels and 8 comic books. They can be found on amazon, Indyplanet and Kindle. For a limited time you can get digital copies of "Karl Vincent: Vampire hunter" #1 and "Files of Karl Vincent" #1 for free on Indyplanet. Kevin is producing the third novel in the series "Dracula Rising" (working title) and developing "Foul Blood" into comic book form.

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