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Published on January 26th, 2017 | by Kevin Given


Review: Wonder Woman ’77 / Bionic Woman #2

Thank God for Dynamite comics. I get to relive my favorite child hood characters through comic books and Dynamite keeps bringing back my favorites. Now they’ve teamed up with DC comics to bring an awesome cross over that I dreamed about as a teenager. The Bionic Woman meets Wonder Woman. People talk about the advances women have made in television yet there’s currently only one Female Superhero lead on TV, which is Supergirl, and her ratings weren’t strong enough to stay on CBS, she had to move to the CW. When I was a kid, we had both Lindsay Wagoner and Lynda Carter. Interestingly, both shows started on ABC but moved to different networks, Bionic Woman to NBC and Wonder Woman to CBS (with Wonder Woman and the Hulk both on CBS if execs had been creative, we might have gotten our first Marvel/DC crossover on TV, but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be!) Both had strong enough ratings to enjoy a longer run but both were taken off the air for reasons that are too complicated to discuss in this short column, heck I’ve already wasted most of the synopsis for that already.

Now to the story: The Cabal Castra is wreaking havoc on Washington D.C. While aiding in the situation, Wonder Woman and her bionic ally discover a new villain!

The Creative Team:

This issue opens with our heroes attending the funeral of Director Joe Atkinson. Mangles decided to open this issue on a somewhat morbid note. A bold move since most comics open with some kind of action scene. The opening fits the context of the story and shows a vulnerability to the characters, helping us see their development, great stuff. A humorous moment breaks the tension when Wonder Woman shows up to offer her condolences and Steve Trevor tells her that Dianna is upstairs and would be happy to see her. (honestly, Steve Trevor and Lois Lane are the densest characters in comics, since they can’t tell that their co-workers and possible love interests are superheroes because of a pair of glasses.) Mangles builds the action slowly from the start of this issue. The two super powered beauties discover each other’s identities and more of the Castra’s motivation is revealed. I love a good mystery and this one is shaping up to be a great one.

Judit Tondora captures the characters in a dynamic way to make it feel like we are watching a made for TV crossover special. Her renderings resemble their television counterparts close enough that we can see the mole on Oscar Goldman’s cheek. I especially liked her drawing of Dianna Prince turning into Wonder Woman, right before Jamie’s eyes! Great page. Then we’re treated to Jamie’s first flight in the invisible plane. It felt like I was back in 1977 all over again. I really enjoyed the art in this issue.

The Cover:

I loved the nostalgic feel to this cover, right down to the DC logo being the same one they used in 1977. We’re given a kick ass action scene that’s sure to draw in the comic store surfer as Wonder Woman, in her wet suit, and Jamie Sommers are attacking some goons. Several of the villains are shooting at Wonder Woman who is deflecting the bullets with her bullet proof bracelets. A fun cover that evokes both super powered lady’s respective shows. I enjoyed how both ladies were on equal footing as they took out the bad guys.

In Conclusion:

A story that starts on a morbid note but ends in an action-packed finale that is worthy of both Television icons. These two were meant to team up, heck even both of their love interests are named Steve (Austin and Trevor) and this title delivers the goods! A mysterious Cabal, cyborg villainess and fem-bots! Great fun. While the ladies are engaged in battle, it leaves them distracted to the point where an evil antagonist is broken out of jail without their knowledge, a villain who has access to one of the deadliest weapons imaginable and we’re given a cliff hanger worthy of the old Saturday afternoon serials. Not even the team of Wonder Woman and Jamie Sommers can stop what’s going to happen next!

To be continued!

Wonder Woman ’77 / Bionic Woman #2

Writer: Andy Mangles
Art: Judit Tondora
Colors: Roland Pilcz
Letters: Lois Buhalis, Tom Orzechowski
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication date: January 2017

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