Published on May 20th, 2019 | by Preston Poulter


Review: Robotech Vol. 4: Lisa’s Report

I review the latest Robotech trade paper back, “Lisa’s Report” from Titan Comics, The story lines of this TPB still follow the Macross story lines fairly closely and this book finds the SDF-1 returning to Earth after it’s long journey from Pluto after having accidentally space-folded there to escape the Zentradi.

One story element that has been changed is that Commander Gloval is dead and Lisa Hays is in charge. She has to confront her father who heads the Robotech Defense League and does not want the SDF-! to return to Earth as it poses to great a security risk as it is the object of the Zentradi ambitions. Meanwhile, Miriya, Zentradi ace pilot, enters her duel with Max Sterling. Some of the best story lines of the original season 1 of Robotech get explored in, “Lisa’s Report.”

Robotech Vol. 4: Lisa’s Report

As Rick undergoes a strange evolution, the SDF-! Are rocked by casualties, new foes, and secrets from Earth!

Collects Robotech #13-16

Publisher Titan Comics

Written by Simon Furman

Art by Hendry Prasetya

Colored by Marco Lesko

Genres Movies & TV, Robots, Cyborgs & Mecha. Science Fiction

Page Count 113 Pages
Print Release Date May 1 2019
Digital Release Date May 1 2019
Age Rating 12+ Only

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About the Author

Preston Poulter (Writer / Creator): Does a lot of traveling, but calls Dallas his home. He completed his first movie, “Standoff at Sparrow Creek” which was filmed entirely in Dallas and is now on Amazon Prime. He enjoys using comics as a medium to explore story concepts in anticipation of movie production at a later date. His first creation was the White Lily miniseries, a story originally conceived at a poker table. He’s also the creator and writer of Guinevere and Divinity Factory.

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