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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Screwed And Kirkham Equals Sexy Frankenstein

screwed1aC4S was intrigued by the female Frankenstein version, called SCREWED and created by Tyler Kirkham, which was announced last week, with trailer and everything. So, we asked Tyler a few questions about the book.

C4S: How did you come up with the idea for Screwed?

Tyler Kirkham: Screwed was born from my love of action, horror and monsters. I love the Frankenstein legend, and wanted to do a modern, mature and fresh take on it for all the crazy kids these days.

C4S: How did you hook up with the co-writer and artist?

TK: Keith Thomas and David Miller are both friends of mine. Keith and I were working on some movie pitch stuff at the time I approached him about Screwed. He loved the idea and was on board to help me further develop it. I’ve always wanted to work with David Miller. I’ve hooked him up with a few smaller gigs in the past, but I wanted to actually be the one cracking the whip. Plus, he has experience with Zenescope already.


C4S: Why Zenescope and not Image for instance?

TK: Zenescope is the perfect fit for this book. It’s got a strong female lead and its an Action Horror. They are known for doing this type of book, so it was a natural fit. Plus I’m good friends with Raven Gregory anyway and I wanted his input as an editor.

C4S: Can you tell us some more about where the story will be going?

TK: Screwed is set to be a 6 issue mini series that is open-ended. It will be in comic shops in June. It’s a dark action thrill ride, with babes and monsters! What else do you need? [Laughs]

C4S: How do you feel about ‘only’ writing this and not drawing it yourself?

TK: I’ve wanted to be on the other side of a project at some point. I’m not completely ready to write my own series though. That’s why I hired Keith Thomas to help me script the series. I will be doing covers and directing the book overall as well. Like I said, I’m the whip cracker.

C4S: Will this be completely self-contained or will it venture into a Vol. 2?

TK: We will see how the sales go. It is open-ended, and we have ideas to further develop it. We just want people to enjoy the 6 issues that are planned, then if the demand is there we would love to do more!

C4S: How is the team-effort on this adventure? I mean; how do all the creative people work together on this?

TK: I’m friends with each member of the creative team, Keith, David and Oracle, the colorist. I’ve worked with all the guys on separate projects. This is the first time we have all done something together. We just wrapped up issue #3 and things are going quite smoothly to be honest. I’m really happy with the end result after each issue is done! I think people are really gonna dig it if they give the series a chance.

screwed_anne_3screwed_design screwed_MGsketch_001 screwed_backsuture screwed_Suture002 screwed_MGsketch_008 screwed_BA_01_Suture screwed_MGsketch_005


SCREWED is available now for pre-order through Diamond’s April edition of PREVIEWS.


Written by Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas, art by David Miller, covers by Tyler Kirkham, David Miller.

A young woman awakens in a hospital covered in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again. Her mind is as fragmented as her body, leaving her delusional and seeing monsters everywhere. Is this the work of a serial killer, or something far worse? FBI Agent Erin Scott intends to help her fi nd out, with or without the approval of her superiors in this visionary modern, mature re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend.

32 pages, $2.99.

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