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VAULT Announces 2023 titles: XXXplorers Cum Again, Barbarian returns and more #1’s!

Kicking off in March is the long-awaited horror series THE NASTY co-created by red-hot writer John Lees and art mastermind George Kambadais. Hot on THE NASTY’s heels in March is SONGS FOR THE DEAD: AFTERLIFE, a double-sized one-shot that is the third installment of the trilogy that began with SONGS FOR THE DEAD, and NECROMANCER’S MAP by Andrea Fort, MC Heron, and new series artist MJ Erickson. Then, in April, everyone’s favorite XXX-explorers return in MONEY SHOT COMES AGAIN, a new installment of the smash-hit sexy sci-fi series by Tim Seeley & new series artist Gisele Lagace. This stunning list of superb new comic series kicks off in January 2023 with the previously-announced return of the white-hot hit series BARBARIC, with BARBARIC: HELL TO PAY #1 by Michael Moreci & Nathan Gooden.

Vault: GODFELL takes place in the high-fantasy land of Kerethim where one sunny day, God falls dead from the sky. The impact sends out shockwaves that draw in royal families at war, shadowy creatures of the dark, and armies of the dispossessed, all coming to lay claim to parts of God’s body. Into this power struggle wanders Zanzi Vuiline, a soldier and berserker trying to get home from a years-long war. Forced to fight her way through the strange landscapes in and on God’s corpse, from the soles of its feet through the top of its head, Zanzi will acquire a mysterious traveling companion on her own pilgrimage. GODFELL is co-created by writer Christopher Sebela and artist Ben Hennessy, with colors by Triona Farrell & Vitorio Astone, letters by Jim Campbell, and design by Tim Daniel.

Vault: In THE NASTY, eighteen-year-old Thumper Connell still has an imaginary friend: the masked killer from his favourite slasher film. Thumper is obsessed with horror and always has been. He fills his time with scary VHS rentals and hanging out with his fellow fans, The Murder Club. But everything changes when his local video shop acquires one of the notorious films known as “video nasties” – films so scary, they’re the target of the British Moral Decency League’s crusade to ban and burn. But it’s only a movie, right? It’s all just imaginary, isn’t it? THE NASTY is co-created by writer John Lees and artist George Kambadais, with letters by Jim Campbell, and design by Tim Daniel.

Vault: SONGS FOR THE DEAD: AFTERLIFE sees the long-awaited return of Bethany, necromancer and hero. Along with her companions, Elissar and Jonas, she has finally found the rumored covenant. Her Perilous journey has brought her to the last bastion of the necromancers, but resurging prejudices have them in shambles. Can Bethany unite them in the face of escalating tensions? Or will the coming war shatter all of her dreams for a peaceful future? This much-desired return of SONGS FOR THE DEAD is written by Andrea Fort and MC Heron, drawn by MJ Erickson, colored by Addison Duke, lettered by Andworld, and designed by Tim Daniel.

Vault: In MONEY SHOT COMES AGAIN, the XXXplorers are back and on their hands and knees for the good of humanity! When the giant ass space jellyfish who run the ordered universe arrive on earth, the porn-stars-cum-science explorers must put away grudges, crushes and side hustles to once again take one or two or three for the team. Begins an epic new arc, which takes aim at dumb billionaires and bad optics, and guests stars a LEGENDARY underground comix heroine! MONEY SHOT COMES AGAIN is written by Tim Seeley, drawn by new series artist Gisele Lagace, colored by Carlos Badilla Z, lettered by Crank!, and designed by Tim Daniel.

ault: With BARBARIC HELL TO PAY #1, we’re headed straight to hell in an all-new arc so big and bloody, it’s getting an extra issue! While Owen tames a dragon with an old friend, Soren and Steel cross paths with someone else from our cursed barbarian’s past…who isn’t looking nearly as friendly. Hell hath no fury like a woman stabbed through the heart by an ugly f***ing orc. Oh, wait! Who’s carrying Axe? BARBARIC is co-created by writer Michael Moreci & artist Nathan Gooden, with colors by Addison Duke, letters by Jim Campbell, and design by Tim Daniel.

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